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Hey! My name is Darlene and I want to introduce you to FForward Flashback Media. I’m really excited about this site and hope that you will be too! My motto is Capture Forward Moments, Preserve Flashbacks” I’m a videographer, photographer and currently doing music production. I consider myself to be a very creative and enthusiastic media entrepreneur! And it all started with a Kodak instamatic camera!

I began my media journey with photography. Once Christmas day when I was about 11 or 12, my sister woke me up out of a DEEP sleep because she wanted to open presents and no one else was awake! Being the youngest, I normally did what my sisters told me to do. (That’s has taken a MAJOR turnaround these days!) A friend of my father, whom I didn’t know, gifted me a present of a Kodak instamatic camera. I loved that camera! Took it everywhere, even when it didn’t have film in it!

Journal 2

Of course that camera is long gone. My brother packed it when he went off to college some years ago! But I still have pictures that I took with that camera in my big, fat Red photojournal! I love this book. Not just because of the pictures, but I did (and still do!) some of my best writing in it!


Back to present day, a few video cameras, editing software and a music production studio were eventually added to fill in the space in my home office! I really enjoy capturing memorable moments and helping to relive special moments from yesteryear. I’m continuing on the path to acquire other various skills, while mixing them with my brand of production creating a unique style of flair and creativity. My multimedia production company captures and produces present day memories of events for customers. I also converts older media formats (VHS, 8mm) and transfers them to a more current media (DVD or digital files). Other services may include promotional videos, family documentaries audio/video postcards and home inventory.

FForward Flashback is a great site so feel free to look around! There’s also a blog page that will have articles, stories, pictures and videos. Some of  it will be how-to’s and how I do things.  Some will be what I consider “nuggets” of information, whether my own or things I’ve learned that I hope will be of use to you. Since I’m into media, it won’t all be print. I love visual stuff so you know what I’ll be doing! You can ask questions or leave comments so subscribe and follow! See you behind the scenes!

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