Projects as long as miles!

They say when you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. I believe it’s true…to a point. You enjoy the “collabing” with others on project(s), creating and watching the project come to life. The other side of that scale is numerous changes, technology problems and looming deadlines! But it alsoContinue reading “Projects as long as miles!”

A Picture is worth a thousand______________.

Most people would say the answer is words. Atleast, that what the saying or the quote says. (some would say thousands or millions depending on who’s in the picture and what they’re doing!) But I think it’s way more than that! Believe it or not, not all of us pull out the camera or phoneContinue reading “A Picture is worth a thousand______________.”

The Wind beneathe my Chimes

I love wind chimes! It used to be any kind of chimes. But now, I’m very partial  to the bigger versions. The smaller ones have a higher frequency (pitch) which can sound very pretty and sometimes very annoying! But the “midsize” to bigger ones have this mid to low frequency that sounds so smooth andContinue reading “The Wind beneathe my Chimes”

Renewed, Vip, Vigor and Stuff!

It’s been “a minute” since I’ve added a new post on my blog, but it’s those things that take over called “Life” that suck up a chunk of time that you want to use 🙂 But I’m gonna post and get caught up….(Ha!) I’ve been working on some really cool projects and I’ve enjoyed themContinue reading “Renewed, Vip, Vigor and Stuff!”