Flashback – An event or scene that takes place before the present time.

There are some things we wish we could do over. We’d jump in the time machine, press the rewind button, or even just “flashback” in our minds. We’d correct the wrong or make a different decision and “pop” back to the present. Some things that would work out just right for. But some things it could open up “Pandora’s Box!” It would change some things that really should happen in the future and “upset” the balance.

Now, we have the latest technology of Blu-ray & DVD’s. We also have DVR’s where you can watch full seasons of your favorite shows. Or thru your cable provider, you can pause live TV to watch in a different room so you don’t miss any thing!

But somewhere in the house is a box or multiple boxes. Maybe on a closet shelf, buried in the attic or a in the garage is a great treasure that we have forgotten about. But we just happen to looking through some old boxes and ran across them. There were memories family trips, baby movies, and kid’s activities. There were weddings, Christmas plays and birthday parties. So how many of you still have some of these laying around? VHS tape Or maybe some of these? audio-cassette

Not just memories, but old favorite shows that you taped and only had one copy that you closely guarded! Lots of memories recorded that came before your DVD & Blu-ray! Memories, like the corners….sorry the “flashback” was coming! We remember our old favorite shows or songs and the media we held on to cause it WAS the only copy. We’ve dumped them in a box and forgot about it.  There’s weddings, photos, Easter speeches or Christmas plays and birthday parties. There’s new babies, children activities and mementos that have special meaning. Of course we want to keep them forever, but the places to keep them stored has shrunk! You also don’t have the equipment that would play them anymore. So you have all these memories or music that you’d like to watch or listen to again. You don’t want to “re-buy” it or search for it online when you already have it, right?

That’s where we come in…

FForward Flashback will take your tapes: VHS, 8mm or cassettes (sorry, no 8-track or reel to reel at this time) and put them in DVD/CD format

CD diskso you will be able to watch your memories again or listen to that favorite music once again. Give us the opportunity to turn the old media into something that you can enjoy time and time again without having to dig out your old equipment to play it!  If you are local, we can possibly arrange to meet in person and plan for transfer of media accordingly. Click the contact page and send us your information so we can get started converting and transferring your family memories to DVD/CD for you.

IMPORTANT Reminder: DVD/CD quality is based on the quality of the media (tapes) for conversion and transfer)

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