When I first got around to deciding to do a blog, I did a lot of reading first. Heard a lot of people having blogs. I guess my first taste of a blog was a book called The Adventures of Mixerman. I didn’t realize that I had been reading a blog all that time. (by the way, LOVED the book!) I had heard of blogs, but didn’t really feel a “connection” with just typing words on a screen. It seem like writing an essay for a class. It was a like reading a book with no pictures. Most kids don’t really want to read books like that. They don’t see where their imagination could create something way more vivid than what the author had in mind or described in words. But I digress, we’re talking about a blog!  It just didn’t translate to me how creative you could be with them until I read the words video blog (vlog)!

Every. Thing. Changed!vlog


A whole new world opened up for me. Not just ideas, but pictures! videos! interviews! how-to’s! The list of things you can write about is limited only by you. You can go as far as you like. Even if no one reads what you’re writing, you can still tell a great story. And who knows where that could lead?

Now it’s one of the most fun things I ever enjoyed doing! I really wouldn’t call myself a writer, but I do enjoy writing. Vlogging has made it that much more fun. Finding time to do this is like chasing down the wind. But I’ve always enjoyed a good chase…

More to come.