Daily scheduleIt’s been “a minute” since I’ve added a new post on my blog, but it’s those things that take over called “Life” that suck up a chunk of time that you want to use ūüôā But I’m gonna post and get caught up….(Ha!) I’ve been working on some really cool projects and I’ve enjoyed them so much, I’ve forgotten to “document” and keep everyone up to date on what I’ve been doing. Not to mention, I’ve got another blog going, which I started first. Next paragraph, please!

I started out a video blog for my family to keep them updated on the things that were going on that they weren’t able to attend or missed out on. I added educational items (lots of degrees in the family), family holidays, birthdays, fun stuff. My family ate it up! they check it all the time. But alas, I haven’t gotten back to it and now they’re threatening mutiny and me walking the plank! So using the challenge, I’ve decided to “re-carve” space in my daily schedule (yes I do have one! mine works so well my sister copied the idea¬†and loves it too!)¬†to do just that. I’m not really a writer like most of the people in the challenge. But I believe God has given me a gift with media and I strive to use it in the way that will be pleasing to Him. Whether it’s written or media, I’m sure He laughs at the stuff I create, but He gave me the creativity by way of my mom!

But you get some notifications that I’m doing something, I promise! Glad to have mobile apps so¬†I can¬†post on the run. Because I know like me, you’re on the run too and sometimes TIME¬†flies! You want to be sitting posting, commenting,¬†reading but¬†there are things that have to be done. Late nights are cool, but not when you got a job calling the next morning!

Lastly, for everyone that’s following me, thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read,¬†watch and comment on what I’m posting. We’re all helpers, one to another!