I love wind chimes! It used to be any kind of chimes. But now, I’m very partial  to the bigger versions. The smaller ones have a higher frequency (pitch) which can sound very pretty and sometimes very annoying! But the “midsize” to bigger ones have this mid to low frequency that sounds so smooth and mellow. It’s like listening to Jazz chimes!   IMG_20141020_130507 Sometimes you need “pumped up, heart racing, get your whole body moving music! When just one of your many favorite songs comes on, it’s not just your foot that tapping! Wait! What if you’re in car? Well, the dashboard becomes a keyboard, the steering wheel is a drum set and the review mirror is the audience! Some of don’t even care if anybody is watching us. That when the music is REALLY, REALLY GOOD! But then, there are other times when you just want to slow down, sit back and relax. Be mellow…with an emphasis on CHILL! And that’s what these wind chimes remind me of…..smooth, mellow tones.


There’s  a music store on the first floor of the mercantile (think Little House on the Prairie!) Whenever I go there, this is the first store I go to. Sometimes I stay there while my bestie visits other stores in the mercantile. My favorite section is in the back corner where the chimes are. Of course, I can’t stay there all day. IMG_20131228_133958But it doesn’t stop me from trying! I love this section! I look at all the chimes and use the “clapper” to play specific chime tubes to create what I think is a beautiful sound. Then my musical creativity gene kicks in and I want to write/compose a song right there! But I don’t normally carry what I need to have with me to capture a great audio sound (audio recording with a cell phone just won’t cut it!) But one day I will have my portable recorder (or borrow a smaller one!) and I will capture a great sound. And the wind won’t even have to help me! Then I’ll go to the restaurant and celebrate with a piece of pie. Because they have a HUGH variety to choose from and it’s some of the best pie you’ll ever taste!