Most people would say the answer is words. Atleast, that what the saying or the quote says. (some would say thousands or millionsclifty falls 008 depending on who’s in the picture and what they’re doing!) But I think it’s way more than that! Believe it or not, not all of us pull out the camera or phone to capture the moment. Some of us (even if it’s only a few) want to enjoy the moment as it’s happening.

Florida sunset The sun warm on our face as it shines brightly or the hues of reds and oranges as it decides to disappear for the evening. The smiles of our children playing or the sleeping peaceful child that we prefer, especially at bedtime! So I don’t just want to say that it’s worth a thousand words. Let’s fill in the blank with words like memories, smiles, trips, tears, longings or whatever else you’d like to use. And it doesn’t have to be a perfect “grammatical” sentence, because it’s your description of what it means to you!

Case in point: I was asked by a friend if I could retake a few wedding photos of her and her husband. She didn’t quite get what she wasDar's work looking for from the person who shot the wedding (not good!). So we set the date, time and place to meet. The shoot was a ton of fun! After some minor edits and disposal of the “not-so-good” ones, I sent her the photos. I had to stop by to see her one day. As I walked thru the foyer of their house, hanging on the wall was a canvas portrait of one of my photos! Not so much that it was my work (ok, maybe a little bit!) but because of the beautiful couple in the picture. That moment of time was captured for them, because that’s she wanted. Icing on the cake was her telling me how much she loved the photo. So I can smile and say a picture is worth a thousand__________. You fill in the blank your own way.