IB Lesson 2: Focus (Ha!)

I really enjoy teaching people how to do things. My motto has always been “Work Smarter, NOT Harder!” But I also want to make it fun! If you have to learn something, then it should be enjoyable TO learn. I’m very passionate about media, whether it’s photography, videography, or music. I enjoy giving away the portion of knowledge that I have, well atleast some of it! 🙂  People that want to learn these activities or anything will work to gain the skills and knowledge that comes with the learning. But if you can add something to assist with this plus make it enjoyable? It will benefit you also. It means you’re not too bad of teacher! 🙂


canon-gl2-fullI’ve spent time creating a list of topics in media that I wanted to talk about, before I ever started blogging. I did break it down into areas to cover, but of course you can’t cover it all. I do keep a notebook of what I want to cover, new ideas or things I think will be interesting to pass on. But, I’m into media, so of course it’s got to have some pictures, videos and a voiceover or 2!


I want to associate a visual how-to, or a special moment that will enhance the experience of passing it on. I want my readers to “see” the passion in what I write or show. And they can take on this adventure in media and develop their own passion. I want to grow not only my reader base, but my customers as well. I want my customers to know that I will do my best so they’re getting great product and service. There is a positive side to media and I want to show



Interface Infomercial

I’ve always said, “use whatever gets the job done!” This is what I use and it a great tool. Love the fact that it’s light and easily transportable. Also that I don’t have to carry additional computer gear. Just plug power, mics and GO!

A Chance to teach…

I had a friend ask me if I could help her son learn about video, editing, etc. I took the time to say “absolutely!” I saw a poster that said “The expert at anything was once a beginner.” I’m in no ways an expert, but I enjoy what I do. And I certainly don’t mind sharing some of my knowledge with my new friend. So everyone: Meet Louie, Man of Mystery!

A FForward starting point…,

When I first got around to deciding to do a blog, I did a lot of reading first. Heard a lot of people having blogs. I guess my first taste of a blog was a book called The Adventures of Mixerman. I didn’t realize that I had been reading a blog all that time. (by the way, LOVED the book!) I had heard of blogs, but didn’t really feel a “connection” with just typing words on a screen. It seem like writing an essay for a class. It was a like reading a book with no pictures. Most kids don’t really want to read books like that. They don’t see where their imagination could create something way more vivid than what the author had in mind or described in words. But I digress, we’re talking about a blog!  It just didn’t translate to me how creative you could be with them until I read the words video blog (vlog)!

Every. Thing. Changed!vlog


A whole new world opened up for me. Not just ideas, but pictures! videos! interviews! how-to’s! The list of things you can write about is limited only by you. You can go as far as you like. Even if no one reads what you’re writing, you can still tell a great story. And who knows where that could lead?

Now it’s one of the most fun things I ever enjoyed doing! I really wouldn’t call myself a writer, but I do enjoy writing. Vlogging has made it that much more fun. Finding time to do this is like chasing down the wind. But I’ve always enjoyed a good chase…

More to come.

Doesn’t hurt to read about it…..

Actually putting up a post on this site! Hope this year to do much  better. I got a start and then my other blog took off! So I’ve been maintaining that one for a good while. I’ve checked out quite a few books from my local library..even video blogging! I didn’t know how, but it looked really interesting and it could help my business. So I read up on it got started! I’m still learning, I think at some point we’re all still learning. But you have to put that knowledge to use. I’ve still got lots of info I want to put here. Haven’t forgotten what I mentioned in my video. Gotta talk about my business name, and show pictures, videos and lots of stuff! So New Year, new “continuation” on the FForward blog. I promise to catch up….even if it’s just a little bit!