From book to board

This is my storyboard book. I tried to find a digital version I liked but no such luck. So I designed my own  template I could use for video or website projects or notes. And I have a notebook sectioned for various clients and ideas. I guess I should feel like I’m back in school(heaven forbid!) as much I carry it around! But when I’m not working on projects, I’m “revisiting” things I’ve done. And a new wave of inspiration rolls in! It really is great to see all the things I’ve done. Even better to see my projects go from story “book” uploaded as a creative story “board!”​


Brisk but quality!

I love Brisk tea. No I mean I REALLY LOVE Brisk tea! Favorite flavor?  Peach. Use to be half tea half lemonade. But when peach came out? OMG! I try not to drink too many but its hard. And I drink them fast! Lol! Saying that to say this: When you’ve got a project to do, brisk is good. But don’t leave out the quality. When you have something that gets completed quickly WITH quality will always be a win-win! It feels good to be timely. Double bonus when the client is pleased! So be brisk, but make sure quality is included! ​

Can you see the vision?

So I have this bulletin board next to my desk. It was given to me by a friend and I wanted one. SCORE! It’s loaded with extra push pins, notes, business cards, scratch drawings, pictures and lots of other stuff. Sometimes when I look up there I see all the things I need and want to do. Projects, gear finds, potential customers, webinars to watch are among some of the items. There are also “smile”stuff. Pictures of family, cartoons, inspiration quotes and even charms! It would be so easy to look at the board and become overwhelmed! So many things and not knowing where to start! But I have a plan! And when you have a plan, you can see thru the blurr of everything and get a crystal view of the vision. And that lets you get started working towards the completion of something wonderful. And you can still glance at the smiley stuff from time to time!​

Projects as long as miles!

They say when you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. I believe it’s true…to a point. You enjoy the “collabing” with others on project(s), creating and watching the project come to life. The other side of that scale is numerous changes, technology problems and looming deadlines! But it also brings a great joy when you are satisfied with the completed work. and your client is happy and recommending you to others. So let the projects be as long as the miles. Enjoy the “ride into work!”​

Where did the time go?

IMG_20130802_110621OMG! That time got away very quickly! I promised myself that I would try to post regularly on my blog. I guess I didn’t take into account that numerous projects would jump in the way! Lol! But as I’m sitting here typing this, it really feels good! I previously was maintain 2 blogs, but I decided to take down the other blog. Even after doing that, it still seemed there was no time! But here I am and even though it’s been awhile, it feels like just yesterday.


I’ve been doing video, photography and audio like crazy! I’ve created some promo commercials and finished a recording Family Project 2 cover white text IMG_3275 Video workwith my family. I’m in the midst of preserving some memories for my clients and filming family documentaries. In other words, I’ve been super busy and that’s not scratching the surface!! But sitting here and writing about media is fun for me. I’ve been waiting for this time in my life where I didn’t have to  wish I could be sitting where I am now. I’m still pushing a day grind, but it allows me time to do the things that I’m doing now. That wasn’t the case. Media really is fun for me. And I’m not saying that things go wonderful all the time. We know how technology can be! I just believe everyone should get the chance to make a living at what they enjoy doing. So when you get the opportunity, jump on it, go through the glitches and enjoy the journey.

A Picture is worth a thousand______________.

Most people would say the answer is words. Atleast, that what the saying or the quote says. (some would say thousands or millionsclifty falls 008 depending on who’s in the picture and what they’re doing!) But I think it’s way more than that! Believe it or not, not all of us pull out the camera or phone to capture the moment. Some of us (even if it’s only a few) want to enjoy the moment as it’s happening.

Florida sunset The sun warm on our face as it shines brightly or the hues of reds and oranges as it decides to disappear for the evening. The smiles of our children playing or the sleeping peaceful child that we prefer, especially at bedtime! So I don’t just want to say that it’s worth a thousand words. Let’s fill in the blank with words like memories, smiles, trips, tears, longings or whatever else you’d like to use. And it doesn’t have to be a perfect “grammatical” sentence, because it’s your description of what it means to you!

Case in point: I was asked by a friend if I could retake a few wedding photos of her and her husband. She didn’t quite get what she wasDar's work looking for from the person who shot the wedding (not good!). So we set the date, time and place to meet. The shoot was a ton of fun! After some minor edits and disposal of the “not-so-good” ones, I sent her the photos. I had to stop by to see her one day. As I walked thru the foyer of their house, hanging on the wall was a canvas portrait of one of my photos! Not so much that it was my work (ok, maybe a little bit!) but because of the beautiful couple in the picture. That moment of time was captured for them, because that’s she wanted. Icing on the cake was her telling me how much she loved the photo. So I can smile and say a picture is worth a thousand__________. You fill in the blank your own way.

The Wind beneathe my Chimes

I love wind chimes! It used to be any kind of chimes. But now, I’m very partial  to the bigger versions. The smaller ones have a higher frequency (pitch) which can sound very pretty and sometimes very annoying! But the “midsize” to bigger ones have this mid to low frequency that sounds so smooth and mellow. It’s like listening to Jazz chimes!   IMG_20141020_130507 Sometimes you need “pumped up, heart racing, get your whole body moving music! When just one of your many favorite songs comes on, it’s not just your foot that tapping! Wait! What if you’re in car? Well, the dashboard becomes a keyboard, the steering wheel is a drum set and the review mirror is the audience! Some of don’t even care if anybody is watching us. That when the music is REALLY, REALLY GOOD! But then, there are other times when you just want to slow down, sit back and relax. Be mellow…with an emphasis on CHILL! And that’s what these wind chimes remind me of…..smooth, mellow tones.


There’s  a music store on the first floor of the mercantile (think Little House on the Prairie!) Whenever I go there, this is the first store I go to. Sometimes I stay there while my bestie visits other stores in the mercantile. My favorite section is in the back corner where the chimes are. Of course, I can’t stay there all day. IMG_20131228_133958But it doesn’t stop me from trying! I love this section! I look at all the chimes and use the “clapper” to play specific chime tubes to create what I think is a beautiful sound. Then my musical creativity gene kicks in and I want to write/compose a song right there! But I don’t normally carry what I need to have with me to capture a great audio sound (audio recording with a cell phone just won’t cut it!) But one day I will have my portable recorder (or borrow a smaller one!) and I will capture a great sound. And the wind won’t even have to help me! Then I’ll go to the restaurant and celebrate with a piece of pie. Because they have a HUGH variety to choose from and it’s some of the best pie you’ll ever taste!

Yeah, I’ve got a favorite day!

So, I’ve got a daily schedule and out of those days guess which one is my favorite? Nah, it ain’t that one! Well, you can guess 7 times and eventually you’ll come up with the right one! 🙂 My favorite is Monday because it’s Music Monday! And I tell you all about the stuff I do in the clip below.

So having a schedule isn’t all bad. Especially when you get to your favorite day of the week!

Renewed, Vip, Vigor and Stuff!

Daily scheduleIt’s been “a minute” since I’ve added a new post on my blog, but it’s those things that take over called “Life” that suck up a chunk of time that you want to use 🙂 But I’m gonna post and get caught up….(Ha!) I’ve been working on some really cool projects and I’ve enjoyed them so much, I’ve forgotten to “document” and keep everyone up to date on what I’ve been doing. Not to mention, I’ve got another blog going, which I started first. Next paragraph, please!

I started out a video blog for my family to keep them updated on the things that were going on that they weren’t able to attend or missed out on. I added educational items (lots of degrees in the family), family holidays, birthdays, fun stuff. My family ate it up! they check it all the time. But alas, I haven’t gotten back to it and now they’re threatening mutiny and me walking the plank! So using the challenge, I’ve decided to “re-carve” space in my daily schedule (yes I do have one! mine works so well my sister copied the idea and loves it too!) to do just that. I’m not really a writer like most of the people in the challenge. But I believe God has given me a gift with media and I strive to use it in the way that will be pleasing to Him. Whether it’s written or media, I’m sure He laughs at the stuff I create, but He gave me the creativity by way of my mom!

But you get some notifications that I’m doing something, I promise! Glad to have mobile apps so I can post on the run. Because I know like me, you’re on the run too and sometimes TIME flies! You want to be sitting posting, commenting, reading but there are things that have to be done. Late nights are cool, but not when you got a job calling the next morning!

Lastly, for everyone that’s following me, thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read, watch and comment on what I’m posting. We’re all helpers, one to another!